Living a Lettering Lifestyle

What does it mean to live a lettering lifestyle? I know there’s a Youtube channel that goes by the same name, but that is not what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, that channel and I are not related in any way. Though you are free to take a look at it. What I can tell you though, is what it means to live a lettering lifestyle for me.

Letters make up words, and those words have meaning. We have wired our brains to read words, phrases, and sentences of the languages we are familiar with. And because of that, they have a direct impact on you as a person. The right phrases can incite happy memories, strong emotions, or motivate you in some way. Using them strategically can improve your mood and change the undertones of your thoughts. In fact, they can turn you into the very person you are inspired by. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate lettering into your lifestyle.


If you need to be able to read it, it doesn’t get better than wall art. You can write up your own motivational phrases on stretched canvas or scribble your favorite quotations on paper and then frame them. Or, just purchase one from a local art store. You’ll read it every time you pass by it. And if you get bored, you can easily change it up.

Just Dream hanging poster
Animal lover hand lettered enamel pin.


Or buttons. Enamel pins and buttons help you express yourself and lets others experience a part of you in that moment.
(If you’re an animal lover, check out our custom lettered Animal Lover pins at the store.)


Because who doesn’t love stickers. (And if you don’t, then please comment and let me know cause i’m curious.) If you’re adding it on your laptop, every time you close or open your laptop, you’re motivated. If you’re adding it to your travel baggage, that might make your travel more fun and inspiring.

314 sticker on back of laptop with books
Eid Mubarak greeting card


Whether a postcard or greeting card, or any other type of card helps you share your favorite quotations, words, and jokes with them as well.

If you celebrate Eid, check out our classic Eid cards!


Scented candles dare take it a step further. They’re scented, so there’s more than one of your senses that are experiencing these feelings. An example is our very own Erase the Darkness custom handlettered soy-based scented candle that burns clean.

Open burning black candle with Erase the Darkness handlettered on it.

Essentially, you can express, motivate, or inspire yourself or others with statements on literally anything. And surrounding yourself with these statements is possibly what it means to live a lettering lifestyle. At least, that’s how I view it. What do you think it means to live a lettering lifestyle?



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