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Express yourself handletterred.

Living a Lettering Lifestyle

What does it mean to live a lettering lifestyle? I know there’s a Youtube channel that goes by the same name, but that is not what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, that channel and I are not related in any way. Though you are free to take a look at it. What I can tell you […]

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Monthly bullet journaling spread with yellow highlights

Lettering: Art, design, or both?

For a long time I’ve thought lettering to be a part of design. As a designer who pays attention to typefaces on signage, logos on retail stores, and layouts of restaurant menus, I associated lettering with design. How alphabets interact with their space, and each other, is something any graphic designer pays attention to. Not […]

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early terrible hand lettering strike harder

The Best Way to Learn Handlettering

Often people ask me how I learned handlettering. Other times people ask me if I could teach a class. But the best way to learn handlettering is the want to handletter. Sounds easy right? You want to handletter, great! You’re done. The end.  Well, hold on, let me explain. Let’s begin from the final step […]

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