Handlettered buttons, postcards and posters the sales of which help benefit animals and fight against their abuse.

Hi, this is Aalia! I’m a designer and surreal artist. As a lover of animals but with the skills of an artist, it has been my dream to find a way to help animals. I began handlettering in 2015 and a couple years ago, I decided to use the Creativity and Identity exhibition as my breakthrough to try something new. From bold statements to quirky puns, I handletterred each statement with ink on paper and then repurposed these expressions onto useable products. These phrases, statements, and words bring animals to the forefront by raising awareness about them. Let’s change the way animals are currently treated. All proceeds fund animal rights advocates and organizations.


Every year, all profits are contributed to animal rights organizations and shelters across the U.S. In 2017, $180 was raised and donated to the World Wildlife Fund, and in 2018, $280 was raised and donated locally to the Missouri House Rabbit Society. In 2019, the goal is to be able to donate to World Wildlife Fund AND the Missouri House Rabbit Society and raise twice over.

NOTE: I do not take personal donations and this is not a formal organization by any means. This is a personal effort to help as many animals as possible with what I am capable.